Monday 12th July 2021

On behalf of the partners of the ESCSE consortium, EASE is pleased to announce that the online questionnaire for the study is now out! The Asser Institute, represented by Dr. Antoine Duval, is leading the research on this study preparing the ground for the actual drafting of the European Social Charter. The study is the first phase of the four phases of the ESCSE project which is dedicated to analysing the social framework of the organisation of sport events in Europe and its impact.

To this end, the ESCSE project needs your input to draw a European Social Charter applicable to the organization of the widest scale of sporting events. Indeed, the idea that (mega) sporting events should respect human rights and be organized in a socially respectful way is quickly gaining traction around the world and in Europe in particular. It has become difficult to argue that the negative impacts of sporting events on local societies and/or environments are of no concern to organizers. Nevertheless, we currently lack shared standards regarding socially responsible sporting events. This is a gap that the ESCSE project proposes to bridge at the European level in consultation with the relevant stakeholders.

Help us tackle the social framework in the organisation of sport events in Europe! Answer the questionnaire here: