Friday 9th April 2021


The study phase of the European Social Charter for Sport Events (ESCSE) has been launched on Wednesday, April 7th, 2021, during a productive meeting led by the Asser institute alongside the other partners involved in the Study, namely the Institute for Sport Governance, Sport & Citizenship and the EASE team. This meeting enabled the partners to determine collectively the scope and focus of the study and to set a clear course of action for the implementation of the research.

The study is the first of the four phases of the ESCSE project which is dedicated to analysing the social framework of the organisation of sport events in Europe and its impact. This involve researching which social commitments have been created previously in the context of the organisation of sport events; identifying the limits of these commitments and their frequency in order to assess the potential impact that our European Social Charter could have; clarifying the existing needs for organisers of sport events at European level; highlighting the issues on which this project must insist in order to make up for the non-existence of a reference model at European level.

This phase is crucial for the ESCSE project as it will establish the framework that will guide us in the continuation of the project before drawing up a first draft of a social charter that can be tested during the organisation of sport events. This framework will be presented to our target groups in October 2021 where all the partners will be present. This will be a conference about the importance of the social impact of sport events based on the results of the study.

The ESCSE team now look forward to the first results of the study!