On 25 and 26 September 2023, a consortium meeting was held in Murcia. The partners were delighted to be welcomed at the University of Murcia!

The two-day meeting allowed project participants to meet and discuss the organisation of the project’s second phase.

Studies have been carried out on the barriers to employment in the sports sector in terms of gender, age and disability. The partners have gathered official statistical data on employment and organised online European roundtables to assess the current state of workforce inclusion in European sports sectors.

Now that these studies have been finalised, it was time to present them to the consortium’s other members.

They will also soon be available online on our website.


The first day was devoted to presenting the studies on inclusiveness in sport regarding gender and age to the consortium members.

The study of barriers to a more inclusive workforce in the sports sector in terms of gender was carried out by the University of Murcia, and the study in terms of age by the University of Cassino and Southern Lazio.

These studies enabled us to explore the various barriers to employment in sports from different angles and to understand their impact.


The day began with a presentation of the study on the employment of disabled people in sports in Europe by the Munster Technological University UNESCO Chair.

Discussions with the various members of the consortium followed these presentations. The questions and discussions were rich and enabled us to sketch out some avenues for reflection as we embarked on the next stage of our project.

The consortium then focused on the project’s second stage, which was to produce a best practice guide.

To do this, each project partner will organise a national round table to identify and analyse best practices regarding inclusion and employment in their country. This will help to understand the reasons for and means of disseminating them based on examples from countries with the most inclusive workforces.

The outcome of these roundtables is to produce a best practice guide for the inclusion and diversity of sports personnel by mid-2024.

Thank you again to all the partners for their investment and their presence!

See you in early November for the first national round table in Italy!