Women’s status in sports, especially among elite female athletes, reflects the gender disparities pervasive in our culture. It has taken a long, arduous journey and consistent attempts to achieve gender equity in sports.

The VERA initiative, which stands for the Voice for Equality and Rights of Women Athletes, includes this study. The project’s improvement of the support and representation of the rights of female athletes is one of its main objectives. This analysis’ primary objective is to evaluate the status of women athletes’ rights in Europe to strengthen their protection and raise awareness of their unique conditions.

As a project partner, EASE was responsible for carrying out the analysis, focusing on four key areas that were shown to be crucial for athletes’ well-being. It encompasses rights to maternity care, technical and medical assistance, and access to facilities, as well as rights to financial support and social welfare.

Women regarded as elite athletes will be the significant subject of the study. Regardless of their professional position, this criterion covers people competing on their nation’s national team and frequently placing first in national tournaments like the first national division. Sports such as football (including futsal), basketball, rugby, handball, tennis, cycling, swimming, and athletics will be discussed about these issues.

After this in-depth analysis of a broad subject, determining a precise and consistent status for elite European women athletes is still tricky. Despite focusing on a few sports, there are still considerable differences among female athletes throughout Europe.

You can find the complete study by clicking here: VERA Analysis

One of this project’s main goals is to promote women’s advancement in sports by allowing players to mentor one another and enabling mutual assistance between athletes and sports organizations for as many people as possible. The VERA project thus aims to act as a catalyst for bettering the situation of female athletes in Europe. The project’s next stage is developing a safe networking platform for all European female athletes.