Monday 11th October 2021




After the Montenegrin Employers Federation (MEF) in Podgorica in June, the other partner of the project « National studies about the representativeness of the sport sector », the Sport Sciences School of Rio Maior (ESDRM), organized a national conference in early October 2021 on the state of social dialogue in the sport sector in Portugal.

After the presentation of the first results of a survey conducted among sport entities on the state of social dialogue, the conference gave the opportunity to main stakeholders of the sport sector in Portugal to discuss issues and challenges that the sector currently faces. The specificities of the sport sector were a specific point of focus that put forward the need for the sport sector to be able to structure itself to speak as a single voice and to better assert its interests.

The next step of the project will see the publication of two national reports on the situation regarding social dialogue in sports in Portugal and Montenegro. These reports aim to be used by decision-makers at local and national level to consider certain options and solutions, to integrate them into future practices, and thus to ensure a more efficient and productive functioning of the sport sector.